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The health of your feet and ankles is close to our hearts. This makes it all the more important to recognize problems and symptoms in good time, to treat them professionally, and to initiate early preventative care. As specialists in orthopedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, we are experts in our field and place great emphasis on professionalism and quality.

Bogdan Florentin Mimor


Kurs für minimal-invasiv Fusschirurgie (MIFAS) – Universität Barcelona
Update Kurs für Prothese des oberen Sprunggelenkes –Universität Tübingen
Certificate of attendance „Charcot Fuss Masterclass” -Verona, Italien
Certificate of attendance “Foot and ankle course” – “Orthofix” External Fixator, Verona, Italien

Work experience / Further education

ab 01.12.2022
Leitender Arzt für Fusschirurgie – Orthofuss Zürich
bis 31.10.2021
Oberarzt Fusschirurgie – Fusszentrum Luzern
bis 30.06.2016
 AA – Orthopädie und Traumatologie (Prof. Dr. Bruno Magnan) – Fusschirurgie – Universität Verona – IT
bis 21.06.2011
AA – Foot and Ankle – Diabetischer Fuss (Prof. Dr. A.Volpe) – Policlinico Abano Terme – IT

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